{father’s day 2012}

This is a post dedicated to my Daddy. What a wonderful father my heavenly Father gave me. I am so blessed. I wanted to share some of my favorite memories and a few things my Dad has taught me.

When my sister and I were little he would let us do his hair and make him “pretty”. This consisted us getting together all of our sparkly butterfly clips, hair ties, ribbons, combs and brushes and sometimes we would grab a pair of our girly shades and make him wear them. He would sit on a chair with a towel around his shoulders so he wouldn’t get wet. Yes wet. Why would he get wet you might ask? Well, we would get cups of water to dip our combs in. It made it a lot easier to give him a mohawk or lots of little pig tails all around his head. It was so much fun. I have a picture somewhere, but I’m sure my dad will appreciate me not finding it and sharing it with the internet.

Another one of our favorite pastimes was to play wedding in our living room. Most of the time Tay was the bride, Dad the groom and I was the maid of Honor, wedding singer and usually officiated the wedding. Mom was always a witness on the couch. You have no idea the amount of time Dad spent getting married.

Fast forward a few years and I am now 11. At church one of my friends had mentioned the fact she was now driving tractor for her dad. That got me to thinking, if she could drive tractor why couldn’t I? I asked my Dad and to my surprise he said yes. Later on he took me to the tractor  drove out to the field behind our house and showed me how to run it. Then he told me where to drive, that he wanted me to practice in different gears and backing up. Then he opened the door and got out. I could not believe it. He was going to LEAVE me? In the tractor? ALL BY MYSELF! I was not a happy camper. Granted I was in a rather large field and could drive for quite a while at the speed I was going and not have to worry about hitting something or even having to turn around, and I was getting my wish. I highly doubt my Mama had she known would have approved of Dad leaving me out there. Looking back it was a good thing for me though. It showed he had confidence in me. I have spent many hours driving tractors and then moving onto the combine since then. I didn’t always do it with a cheerful spirit, but those hours driving back and forth round and round bouncing up and down have helped me become the person I am now. They taught me to look at the beautiful world around me, see how many different animals I could spot, to have quiet time praying.

Through growing up on a farm my Dad has taught me the importance of hard work, perseverance even when you don’t feel like it, he gave me a love for the land, taught how to care for animals, not to fear snakes and the importance of common sense.

My dad has passed on his love of music. I have many a memory of summer nights spent in the yard, he would have flood lights around whatever implement, tractor or whatever he was working on and the music was always turned up loud.

He has a great love for his Country and has passed on the value of Patriotism to his kids. Whenever he see’s a military personnel in uniform he goes up and thanks them for their service. One time we were traveling to see family and we were waiting for our flight in Phoenix and we were grabbing a bite to eat. We had just sat down when a young man around my age came in wearing army fatigues ordered his food and sat down. When my Dad stood up to get some extra ketchup he stopped by the young mans table and just told him thank you for your service and then came and sat back down. Not long after he got back up and went and sat down at his table and then we could see them both bow their heads and my dad started to pray. When they finished there were tears starting to shine in the young man’s eyes. He was a Christian and had another month of training and then was going to Iraq, Dad told him we would be praying and then got up. He had such a look of thankfulness on his face. I will never forget that.

He has taught the importance of keeping up to date on politics and knowing what is happening in the world around us. He introduced me to the wonderful world of Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin. (thanks daddy!)

One of my fathers favorite forms of punishment was to lecture on what we should/could have done differently. When you’re in trouble the last thing you want to do is hear a 20-60 min talk on what you should have done differently and what the Bible had to say about it, but thanks dad for doing it.

He is one of my favorite people to talk with. From sports to politics to books and so much more I love it when we can talk.

He has shown me how a man of God should treat a woman. He has shown my sister and I what a gentleman looks like, by loving my Mama and also his girls. I pray I find a man someday who is half the man he is.

The most important thing he has shown me is his love for God. To do the right thing no matter the circumstance, even when no one is watching. I have seen him do this time and time again and that speaks more than words ever could. He doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk hand in hand with Jesus. I always know that someone has prayed for me, because he prays for his children daily.

Dad and his dog Cherokee

Dad and his girls at Cabela’s

Dad and Tay


My oldest brother loving on his dad

Two of my older brothers and Dad

Drinking coffee in the middle of a creek in the mountains

Daddy and the love of his life

He loves his grandkids

Working on the combine

One of my favorite pictures of him.

Happy Father’s day to my brothers as well, I love watching you with your kids.

I love you Dad. Thank you for everything you have taught me.

Forever your little girl,



{I’ve moved!}

Hello Everyone,

I have moved from my blog on blogspot to here on wordpress. I like the format here better. I know I haven’t been blogging lately, but I’ve had several post rolling around in my head and want to get them out. I know I’ve said it before that I want to get back to blogging, so we’ll see how it goes. Sometimes life gets in the way.

In Him,