It cuts deep.
Unanswered texts-
cancled plans-
it can take on many forms.
Hurting we respond with coldness,
Convincing ourselves we don’t need anyone.
So the walls go up.
They provide protection.
Keeping others from getting close.
Keeping hurt and rejection as far away as possible.
But in a still quiet moment, I am reminded that I am not alone.
I hear the voice of the father remind me “I my beloved was rejected- I knew what was to come- and yet I still chose the cross- I still chose you”
And slowly, but steady her walls begin to crumble.
With love for others comes the possibility of pain.
But we are called to love anyway- even in spite of rejection.
For He felt rejection first-
and yet He chose Love-
ever knowing we would reject him-
Because of plans,
our busy lives….
How many times have I rejected spending time with Him because something else was pressing?
Humbled I bow down-
Letting you tear down the walls I’ve so carefully built-
So I can love like You.

You see, I’ve struggled a lot lately with feelings of rejection. Letting it lock my heart into a box. I felt led to read Isaiah 43 and I didn’t make it past the first two verses. As the words penetrated my heart I was overwhelmed by the Love God has for us. That it doesn’t really matter if people on this earth reject me. I’ve been redeemed by the creator.

He created me.

He formed me.

He tells me not to fear

For HE has redeemed me

He called ME by name

I am His.

He will not reject me.

When others fail, and they will,

He will be my anchor.


My only constant one.


I didn’t want to share this. It was too open. Too much of my heart left exposed. But Jesus has been working on my heart lately and convicting me to be real, open, vulnerable. Allowing Him to use whatever is happening in my life to glorify Him.

In Him,


All photos were taken on my trip to Colorado this past month in the Rocky Mountain National Park.


2 thoughts on “rejection:

  1. Beautiful you. Proud of your grapple. Keep going… He walks with you in these places. Adventurer! Keep coming! There is more. His love, always more….

    Love you Sis.❤️

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