{the journey. pt 2}

Hey all,

it took me a lot longer to get this post up than I expected. A case of technical difficulties and my parents accidentally taking my laptop were to blame.


if you haven’t gotten a chance to read {pt 1}, you should get caught up on that before continuing to read this post.


As I was saying in my first post, I was constantly relying of the Lord to help me get through every hour. I had finally surrendered to where he had me. That didn’t make it any easier, but I was finally relying on His strength alone. I couldn’t do it.

After two days of this, early one morning my Mom came and told me something that (I just didn’t know it yet) was about to change my life drastically. She came and whispered lest anyone should overhear it that Broadway Market was for sale.

WIHP bway2Side note: Broadway Market is a coffee house/deli/floral shop/gift shop in my hometown. It was opened by our Pastor and his wife before they retired. After owning it for 4-5 years they sold it to a young family who are currently the owners. It’s located inside the old Bulletin building. One this I love is the hardwood floors are in their original state. You can even find ink stains that haven’t been touched since they printed papers there.

WIHP bwayThis really didn’t pique my interest all that much until the next words quickly spilled out…… “Shannon (the current owner) just told me and he said we should buy it!”

Could we please pause here and mention the fact that my sweet Momma is a dreamer. She’s an optimist. I love this about her. On the other hand you’ve got me. A realist. Generally I burst her bubble with all the reasons it won’t work. It’s something I’m working on not doing as often.

WIHP corn A glimmer of hope, of excitement, a way out, began to unfurl deep in my soul. Was this God’s answer to my prayer? I stared at her hoping excited face and instead of my usual pin to her bubble I decided to leave this one up to my Dad. He’s the other realist of the family. This one I didn’t want to touch. Surely he’d bring everyone back down to earth and remind us of all the reasons it wouldn’t work. It was to far out there. No, this was wishful thinking.

WIHP TreeThe rest of the day I was in a war. A war between hope and excitement and my realist tendencies. For once the hope and excitement was winning out. I was still waiting to see what my Dad was going to say. Later that day Mom still hadn’t gotten a chance to ask him. I was anxious to see what he would say. Finally they got a chance to talk and later that afternoon my Mom once again came up to me. She told me she had finally gotten to talk with my dad. She was smiling so I knew it must have been good. I quickly asked what his response was? “He actually liked the idea and he didn’t say no!”

Okay, this, this was a shocker. I wasn’t expecting this. At all. I suddenly began to smile. I couldn’t help it. Could this really happen? Could this dream come true? I was overcome, by the most amazing sense of peace. My doubt began to melt away. I knew that if this was what God had for us He was going to come through in a big way. We didn’t have the money to buy a business, but my heavenly father owns it all.

WIHP pasture
As I began to think about it, Broadway Market was perfect for us. It would allow us to continue on our ministry to the college kids at SC, it had flowers and coffee which were my dream, it was the perfect outlet for my artist Momma. It was the culmination of all the gifts God has given us. Surely this was to good to be true.

WIHP flowers and coffeeI really love coffee and flowers.

Over the next several weeks we began to meet with the owners, to find out more and for them to get to know us better. They wanted to be sure that they were following God’s will in who they sold the Market to. We also started pursuing our financial aid options. Looking back it’s really amazing to me that I only doubted about it once. We still weren’t for sure as to whether they would want to sell it to us. That was the part that was a little nerve racking 🙂 Through it though I was filled with peace I still can’t explain. It was the peace given as only Jesus can give. The peace that passes all understanding.

WIHP doorAfter several weeks they had finally made a decision. They believed that God had chosen us to be the next owners of Broadway Market. They knew that He was going to provide a way for us to buy it. We started going into Broadway Market in the evening hours to get a feel for what would be required of us. I still remember that first evening of working there. I was so nervous. I began to feel a love for the place. I began to feel at home. I couldn’t stop smiling.

I knew deep down in my heart that Jesus was going to provide. I knew He was going to show up in a very real way.

Soon we were on the search for a new Coffee roaster. We wanted a fresh start as new owners. I knew I wanted something a little more local. Specifically Kansas City. KC was fast growing in the specialty coffee scene. This is in and of itself a blog post. I’ll go into greater depth about that in tomorrows post. If you follow me on instagram, twitter or you’re my friend on facebook, you probably know I love my coffee. This has been an absolute blast for me. I can’t wait to share all the amazing stories that God has put into our path.

Back to the whole financial side of things. It felt like we ran into brick wall, after brick wall. People would ask questions, “how are you going to do this?” was a question I heard too many times. My response was God was going to provide. I just knew it. If he didn’t, then the shop wasn’t for us. Time was ticking though. Everyday we were feeling the weight a little more. I knew God was going to come through. I have watched my parents put everyone first my whole life. They both loved and cared for their parent’s. I’ve never seen more humble servants. I’ve felt like it was finally their time to not only continue on, but do it through something they loved and wanted. They had been found faithful in little and I knew God would once again find them faithful in much.

Finally, my Mom asked my Dad if we could have a time of prayer. We all had been praying throughout the entire process, but we needed some time as a family to do that together. We asked that God would provide what we needed and that through it all HE alone would be glorified. Three days later we had our first option. It was 3xs greater than we had asked for. I can’t go into detail here, but let me tell you, It had Jesus written all over it. Fast forward two weeks later and an even more amazing offer came along. You guys, It’s all Jesus. There’s no way we could have done it on our own.

WIHP BarnI sit here, eight months later. A month away from seeing this dream come true. I can’t even begin to tell you what an adventure it’s been so far, and we haven’t even had our first day yet. I know whatever comes God is going to get us through. It’s taken us a lot longer to get to this point that we originally expected. As we went along the dream has grown and we want to make sure we do everything we are wanting to do right the first time. I’m not always the most patient person and it’s been hard not moving at a faster pace, but I see that going slow is the best way to go about this. I know these next 4 weeks are going to fly right before our eyes. Mom and I have had so many interior decorating decisions to make. We’ve been learning the art of compromise. 🙂 Trying to blend two different styles has been interesting to say the least. I can’t wait to see the finished product of all the hard work and decisions that have been made. I’m kinda done looking at paint chips, fabrics and pinterest pictures. I just want to start doing.

WIHP4thI love my hometown. It’s one of those idyllic small towns. We want to use Broadway Market as an outlet to minister to the people of Sterling. To serve. To continue on what the two previous owners have done.  They have been such a blessing to the community and we pray that we can continue carrying the torch.


To those of you in need of hope. Cry out to Jesus. He’s there waiting for you. He will provide for all your needs. That doesn’t mean He will answer them like you think He should, but know He’s so faithful. I often wondered why He placed me in my previous place of work. I didn’t understand it one bit. I was angry and frustrated. Looking back now I see He was preparing me for this next journey we are on. I encourage you to find your strength in Him like never before. He will not let you down.

Be thankful for the valleys.
That’s where you grow.

……to be continued.

In Him,




2 thoughts on “{the journey. pt 2}

  1. Tressa, I am so excited for this new chapter in your family book. The Manning Family prayers are with you and your sweet mom and dad. God is good.
    Keep us posted.

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